2010 Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple: Mike and Denise Bauer

My husband has shared so much love and support for me in the last year that I had to try for the title of “Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple”.
My husband, Mike, did not shower me with flowers, gifts, or special getaways to fancy hotels or restaurants.  He hugged me and held me tightly last February when I was told I had breast cancer.  He was there by my side joking with me and telling me he would still find me sexy without hair.  He promised to chase me around the house till he caught me.

I was lucky.  Due to early detection I only had to have a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation treatment.  My hair did not fall out and Mike was still joking and hugging me daily.

Six months later I found a lump in my groin.  Mike said it is probably just a pulled muscle.  But after more tests and another surgery, we were told I had stage 3 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma.  Mike was there at the doctor’s office joking and teasing all along the way.  This time I had to leave work.   I had 8 weeks of infusion of a special drug that treats just what I have. We cut back on everything we could.  Mike helped with keeping the kids occupied and keeping a positive attitude.

One of the most loving things Mike did was tell me to have my family come to our house for Thanksgiving.  I love family.  Mike knew I had a special bond with my cousins who I called constantly when I need moral support.  Mike wanted to make sure I had lots of family around me.  He cleaned up the property and helped with household chores.  He helped cooked dinner four nights they were at our house. You have to understand that Mike is generally a macho man who doesn’t help in the house at all and likes his privacy in his own home.  Mike brought my family to me.   I was so tired.  But I loved every second they were here.  It was the best Thanksgiving ever!
Romance was Mike telling me he believed the next test results in January would be good when I believed they wouldn’t.  He just held me until I felt his strength bring me relief.  Romance is staying with someone in sickness and in health.

Last year was not all terrible.  We stood side by side as our oldest son got married.  Mike held my hand tightly as I cried through the ceremony.  He teased me about it until I started to laugh with him about my silly mushy side.  We rushed to the hospital to see our fist grandson born in September.  What a joy!!!!

My 53rd birthday will be February 14 of this year.  I could really use a pick me up Romantic prize this year.  We both could use the quiet time dinner together.  Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Denise Bauer

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