Are You Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple?

Calling all lovebirds! Are you Reedley’s most romantic couple? Share your love story on our facebook page for a chance to win a beautiful date for two!

2013 Reedley Most Romantic Couple Karen and Dick Peterson

2013 Reedley Most Romantic Couple Karen and Dick Peterson

What you’ll win: Dinner at The Bear Club (Hi to new owners, Juan & Linda Reyes!), rose bouquet from Aurora’s Flowers, gourmet foods gift basket from David’s , and a special feature in the Reedley Exponent.

How to enter: Post your love story (it can be about you or someone you know) on our facebook page timeline. Deadline is February 5, 2014. Check your facebook inbox on February 6 to see if you’ve won.

We can’t wait to read your stories! Here’s some inspiration to get your story started: How did you and your sweetheart meet? How has Reedley played a role in your relationship? Tell us about a romantic date or fun experience in downtown. What do you love about him/her?

*Pictured: 2013 Reedley Most Romantic Couple Karen and Dick Peterson*

Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple

mom and dad

“My parents, Dick and Karen Peterson, are Reedley’s most romantic couple. They don’t ever have candlelight dinners, Dad never brings Mom flowers, and I’m not sure they even know where their wedding rings are (jewelry is not too practical when you’re a farmer) but they have a love and respect for each other that has lasted 45 years. I’ve learned about respect, forgiveness, support, commitment, compromise, and laughter just by watching them. They live a joyful life together sharing in common hobbies like singing in several choirs and cutting a rug every time they get a chance. They support each others’ separate interests too. Dad gets to golf whenever he wants and Mom can make as many quilts as she can give away. Their happy life is so infectious that I count the days until I get to spend some time with them. Their enduring love and commitment is the most romantic kind of love I know. This is why they are certainly Reedley’s most romantic couple.”

- Amy Peterson Ballard, Ingrid Peterson Morris, and Ross Peterson

P.S. Special thanks to Valentino’s, Garnishes, and Reedley Flower Shop for gifting the couple Valentine’s Day prizes!

Reedley Ladies’ Night Out Winners

Congrats to Felicia Krentz! She won the Ladies’ Night Out diamond raffle! Enjoy your 100 Downtown Dollars, Felicia! Also congrats to Lillie Valencia for winning our Best Bling Dressed Contest!

Felicia Krentz, Diamond Raffle Winner.

Lillie Valencia, Best Bling Outfit.