Mennonite Quilt Center / MCC Cafe

1012 G Street, Reedley, CA 93654
(559) 638-3560

About Mennonite Quilt Center

The Mennonite Quilt Center in Reedley, California was established for quilters who quilt for the annual West Coast Relief Sale & Auction. This a place where they can come together, gather for fellowship, to quilt, and display their quilts until auction.

The quilters and store staff are all volunteers (either with materials or time) with the help of two part-time store managers. The Quilt Center is a not-for-profit quilt store with proceeds going to world relief. It’s also a place for both young and old to come together for  friendship and guidance in learning the crafts of quilting, sewing, and creating beautiful works of art.

We welcome tours to our shop where we show people how quilts are hand quilted, comforters are tied, and rug weavers make rugs out of recycled blue jeans and other clothing. In our Quilt Museum, from October to March, we have a display of quilts that will be at the MCC Auction in April at Fresno Pacific University.  During the other months of the year we display quilts from local quilters.

In addition to all of this we are a regular Quilt Store with over 1,000 bolts of fabic. We also have a longarm quilting service to finish that treasured quilt top that you may have. If you knit or crochet, we have added yarn, crochet thread, needles, and other supplies to pursue this hobby. We also have knitting classes for those that don’t know how to knit. We are hoping to provide crochet classes soon.

We provide quilting classes throughout the year, including children’s classes in the summer.  If you would like to receive our class schedule via email just contact us at

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