Shinn Photography

1015 G Street, Reedley, CA 93654
(559) 643-2072

About Shinn Photography

We’re excited to meet you!  What is it going to be like hanging out with us?

We value every person with whom we work.  No kidding – we’re crazy about people.  We get to meet some great ones, and folks are very generous to let us into their lives.

We’re committed to creating a great experience for you.  If you can think of a way for us to make that happen for you, speak up!  We’re happy to oblige.

You’re not a number to us – we really want to get to know you.  One of our goals is to make art for people that’s very personal and custom.

Andrew &  Lisa
We’re the shooters at Shinn Photo.  Andrew also doubles as our designer and creative director.  Lisa doubles as the studio and production manager.  We have different photography styles, and we’re both constantly evolving.

Lisa has a passion for making  pictures of kids in a real-life style. Andrew once missed a picture of a burning oil platform because he was cruising by on a ship at night and didn’t have the gear, tech, or experience to make it happen.  Since that day, he’s tried to never miss a picture of something burning.

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