Click the links below to relive the fun of Reedley Downtown Association’s best events.

Downtown Reedley Rummage Roundup
Downtown Reedley Rummage Roundup 2013
Downtown Reedley Rummage Roundup 2014
Electrical Farm Equipment Parade 2010
Electrical Farm Equipment Parade 2011
Ladies’ Night Out 2010
Ladies’ Night Out Fall 2011 – Flaunt Your Wildside
Ladies’ Night Out Fall 2012 – Rock Your Bling!
Ladies’ Night Out Spring 2011 – It’s Heating Up in Downtown Reedley
Ladies’ Night Out Spring 2012 – Prom
Ladies’ Night Out Summer 2014
Ladies’ Night Out Fall 2014
Reedley Certified Farmers’ Market 2013
Reedley Street Faire and Car Show 2011
Reedley Street Faire and Car Show 2012
Reedley Street Faire and Classic Car Show 2013
Taste of the Town 2010
Taste of the Town 2011
Taste of the Town 2012
Taste of the Town 2013
Taste of the Town 2014 
Taste of the Town 2015

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