Reedley Mother’s Day Makeover Winner 2013

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Dear Reedley Downtown Association,

I would like to nominate my mom, Pat Enns, to win the Mother’s Day Makeover Contest. She doesn’t actually need a makeover. She has managed to maintain her hair, nails, face and figure through 11 rough years. But she gives non-stop and it would be a delight to give her just a little of the special attention on one day that she gives to others every day. Eleven years ago this month, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Together, the two of them fought this horrific disease. She nursed him through many rounds of chemo, a lengthy stem cell transplant procedure at Stanford, and continues to help him navigate the aftermath and a compromised immune system. Through God’s grace, Dad’s cancer went into remission about 6 years ago, but the battle left him beat up and unable to do the things he used to do.

Any other woman would have seen that as enough and left well enough alone. But Pat Enns isn’t any other woman. She decided that travel and adventure could be a part of their lives again even if in a slightly different way. Mom figured out that if Dad used a wheelchair at critical moments that they could do just about anything. And so the adventures began. About 5 years ago they started to travel again. Via plane trips, car trips and even a cruise, they visited spectacular natural and historical sites, far away daughters, grandkids’ college graduations, and even a grandson quarterbacking his college football team in Ohio. (That would be two consecutive games that Coach Grandpa got to attend because Mom got Dad in the rental car and off they went to explore Amish farms and the Ohio countryside during the week in between the games!) This is the kind of wife, mom and grandma you want: the kind that never says never but instead asks what is possible and then runs with it all the way to Ohio and beyond!

For the last two years, she has had all three of her daughters within a 30 mile radius and has gone to the effort and expense of creating weekends together. She arranges for the rest of the family to watch out for Dad while she takes us off for the weekend to spoil us and create a space for us to be with our sisters. She is such a blessing to our family: caretaker, role model, spinner of magical moments, and great adventurer. What would we do without her???

Thank you for your consideration,

Sandy Long

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