Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple Runners-Up

I remember when I first saw Omar, I was sitting in the congregation of church and he was up on stage in the worship band playing the electric guitar. I was 16, and he was 20, it was 2007. Over the years, I had dated other people, but never had the guts to talk to this talented musician, or had just assumed he already had a girlfriend; because anyone who was that good looking just had to have a girlfriend already right?

I went through a bad break up the summer of 2009, and after I felt good enough to date again, I found Omar on Facebook and sent a friend request. He accepted, and wrote me an email saying “Alyssa! How are you? When did you move to LA?” Shocked that he knew my name, I responded “I moved to LA two years ago for school, but am graduating in a year and will be moving back to Reedley.” And after a couple of weeks of exchanging emails and texts, he messaged me and said, “When you visit next weekend, do you want to consume some calories with me?” I was so excited, I texted my mom that I had finally gotten a date with the guy of my dreams.
     It was the weekend of August 15th 2009, and after church, we headed to Fresno for lunch at PF Changs and Ice Age 3 for an evening movie. I knew leaving my sweater in the car would give him an opportunity to put his arm around me to keep me warm in the cold theater. I kept hinting at the fact that I was cold during the movie, and he not knowing it was a date, looked over at me, lightly punched me in the arm and said “That sucks for you.”
     At this point I thought that was a bit immature, but I really liked him and thought he had good intentions. So I swayed my hips a bit more as I walked throughout the day, and we walked around RiverPark, drove around Fresno to kill time and hang out some more, and as Omar started to figure out that the
day was turning into a date rather than just friends hanging out, he asked me if we wanted to rent some movies and go back to his parents’ house and watch them the rest of the night.
     After sharing our first kiss that night, we then shared a difficult experience of a one year, long-distance relationship from Reedley to Santa Monica. We now live in the same neighborhood in Reedley, and have been inseparable ever since, and are currently planning a future together, with wedding plans in 2015.

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