Announcing Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple

Congratulations to Ernesto and Raquel Piñon, Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple!

“My grandparents Ernesto and Raquel Piñon met at a fair that happened to be across the street from my grandma’s house. When their eyes met my grandparents knew they were destined to be together. After that they began to date for about a year. My grandpa took my grandma dancing and serenaded her with mariachis. A year later my grandpa asked for my grandma’s hand in Marriage. They were married by court March 10, 1951 then three months later they were married by church. They will be married 60 years this March.

Though they have been married for nearly 60 years they still have that spark that they had when they first met. They have that spark because they got through the toughest times together and still managed to hang on to each other.  They lost two of their daughters. Their oldest daughter Rita died at age seven from tonsillitis. Maria Del Carmen died when she was nine months old due to an illness of the stomach. They held on to each other through the tough times and managed to make it through.

My grandparents are the most romantic couple I know. Though they have gone through it all, somehow they still manage to love each other more and more every day. My grandparents look at each other same way they did when they first met 61 years ago. I hope when I get married that I will be as happy as my grandparents are 60 years later. They are an inspiration to my family and me because we know by looking at them that a marriage can work as long as you want it to.

In closing I just want to say that my grandparents have shown my family and me how a marriage works. Marriage is not an easy thing to do but they manage to get through it. I know I can handle the responsibility because I learned from the best my grandparents.”

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