Sparks Fly for Reedley’s Most Romantic Couple

9 years ago while in college, at a 4th of July Celebration, Eric and Amanda locked eyes from across the room, and as cliche as this sounds, it WAS love at first sight! They began their courtship simply by Eric escorting Amanda to her classes and waiting for her when Track practice was over.  Within 4months of their first meeting, they were already “exclusive” and Eric was pronouncing his love and asking for permission for Amanda’s hand in marriage from her parents! By the following September, they held a beautiful wedding on the banks of the Kings River in Reedley, with their families and closest friends in attendance.  Shortly after the wedding, they moved to Reedley to be closer to family.
     After being married for nearly 10 years and having 2 children (their daughter and son), the couple are still as giddy and much in love (if not more) as they were when they first met! They refer to their little family as “their kingdom” with a King, Queen, Princess, and Prince in their own private “royal court.”  They celebrate two anniversaries a year: their wedding (Sept 14th) and the day they met and fell in love (July 4th).  They are described by their friends and family as the most “in love and fun-loving couple” around!
      Eric and Amanda never go to bed without kissing goodnight and saying, “I love you.”  They never leave each other’s presence without saying, “I love you.” They still always walk-together, hand-in-hand, and catching a quick “nuzzle” or steal a kiss as much as possible! And they playfully tease each other constantly, keeping their relationship light-hearted, fun, and spontaneous!

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